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My Angel Has No Wings

The Whovian in me wouldn't let me pass this image up when looking for angels...

The last two posts on here have hit on the fact that we Cheesecake bloggers are doing this whole group blog thing as a way to reach our readers. There really is no skirting the issue–authors generally blog for one of two reasons:

1) They are famous, and as such, have hordes of fans who want to see inside their lives, and they oblige so those readers stay readers.

2) They are not famous, and as such, will share their lives whether you want them to or not in hopes that you’ll say, “Wow, I really like this chick/dude and want to read her/his book!”

Admittedly, I am the latter. Yep, I’m not ashamed. But I do want to clarify. Continue reading

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