About Cheesecake

What’s all this Cheesecake? And why is it thickening? That is an excellent question. What need has cheesecake of getting thicker when it’s already thick enough? There’s cheesecake history here. It will take a moment to explain…but not too long.

The writers you see here on this website were once a part of the New Authors’ Fellowship. The New Authors’ Fellowship is a joint blog for unpublished authors by unpublished authors. Well, we all got published. When one of NAF gets published, that person becomes an Alumni of NAF. So all of us here are Alumni. There’s a couple of inside jokes at NAF regarding the Alumni. One is that they move to the “Granny Flat,” in reference to their name on the site being moved from one menu section to another. The second is Cheesecake.

Cheesecake is our metaphorically, imaginary way of celebrating and congratulating the publication of one of our members. Paul (P.A.) Baines started this when he became the first Alumni, by saying something like, Cheesecake all around. We “passed” around the cheesecake in celebration, and it’s been tradition to pass around the cheesecake ever since. Besides…we like cheesecake. I’m sure more than one of us literally ate cheesecake in celebration.

NAF is designed to appeal to and attract writing industry professionals. It does very well at this, considering we have so many Alumni so quickly. But the needs of NAF are not the needs of a published author. As published authors we want to connect with YOU…readers. And so we’ve developed this new site, The Cheesecake Thickens, a play on the phrase “the plot thickens,” and a sister site to the New Authors’ Fellowship. We’re Alumni of NAF (Cheesecake) and now we’re coming together to create something more complex and “thicker” than what the Alumni have done in the past.

Make sense yet?

But here at The Cheesecake Thickens you won’t find a lot of “how-to” write posts or “behind-the-scenes-of-a-writer” posts. In fact, we’ll probably be writing very little about writing. Like the tagline says, “Writers writing about everything but writing.” We’re here for readers, and we want to write about the things YOU want to read about. If you want that other stuff…go check out NAF.

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