Inspiring stories optional.

I sat here trying to think of something funny, witty, and at the same time uplifting to blog about. I sat and thought for a long time. I don’t want to write anything boring. And I didn’t want to post another rant…though with the past couple of days I’ve been having that would have been quite easy.

As I thought about these things I came to a sad realization. The only anecdotes or funny stories I know of to tell are ALL rantings or complainings about some dumb or idiotic observation I’ve had about the nature of human beings. Or in some cases, the observation of a specific dumb or idiotic human being.

I’m truly bothered by this. Here I am studying to be an advanced teacher of the Bible, maybe one day to lead a church or other ministry, and I can’t think of one positive or uplifting story to tell. I can’t point to the good in human beings. I can’t pass on the encouragement of a story with a happy ending.

I put a lot of darkness in the stories I write. That’s because life is full of darkness. It’s what we know best and it’s what we have to overcome. Nobody has to teach us about the darkness of life. We have to be taught about the light. Nobody has to strive to live in darkness because it’s natural to be that way. We have to strive to live in the light. And that’s why I write from that perspective. I write about the struggle to live in the light and about the harsh reality of how much darkness there is in the world.

Maybe that’s why I have trouble seeing it everyday. I focus too much on what’s going wrong that I don’t see what’s going right. The irony of it is that I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of person. I always expect the best and hope for the most.

What about you? What do you see in the world? Do you have trouble seeing the good in others? Do you focus on what goes wrong or what goes right? Do you recognize a triumph in someone’s life when you see it? Or do you see the stupidity of mankind first? What kind of stories do you tell others?

What do you see everyday? The darkness? Or the light?



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6 thoughts on “Inspiring stories optional.

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Have you been doing the fundamentals, like getting all your sleep, eating decently and getting your exercise? It’s easy to slip into darker thoughts if your body, mind and spirit are out of balance.

    By the way, I know someone you know: Lindsay Zana, an actress with a theatre I am affiliated with, who is recording your audio book! What a small world. I stumbled upon this site quite by happenstance a few weeks ago, and there you were today, mentioning “Winter,” which I knew Lindsay had been working on for the last month or so. Good luck with the publication!

  2. Hey, small world eh? Lindsay did a great job with the audiobook. We’re done now and just waiting distribution approval.

    As far as that other stuff…well, I’m a writer that writes supernatural thriller type stuff. It’s natural for me to see the darker side of things.

    • I write dark stuff too, sometimes. I guess I misread the direction of your piece.

      In fact, our relationship with our shadow self is an area I’ve recently become acquainted with – very interesting.

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  4. I’m sorry to say I’m the cynical, dark-side-of-the-story type myself. But I account for some of that in what Scott was saying–life being out of balance. I also think that once you know what’s right, a sense of justice tends to make the stupid, crazy, and wrong stuff stand out and practically demand comment. The trick is to to know when commentary will inspire change, and when it will only make the commentor seem ceaselessly crabby. :) I think you need to keep calling the darkness what it is. None of us would recognize the truth without somebody with a lantern showing us, after all.

  5. P.A.Baines

    I have to be careful with this because I can easily find myself getting depressed. This tends to be aggravated by reading the news which can paint a pretty grim picture of the world. I find it interesting that your writing reflects your darker view of life. I usually lean towards humour whenever I feel as if the darkness of the world is getting overwhelming. I think it forces me to see the funny side of life, and that can be quite cathartic.

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