I’m a Chicken

When I was about 4 years old Momma took us to the movies. This particular time etched itself into my child-mind like no other movie had and left me with an aversion to all horror films. Ever heard of it? Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

This was the 1978 remake version, so you can imagine the bad male-perms and feathered lady hair.  Looking back at the production pictures now, I laugh at how tacky it looked.

To be truthful, I didn’t actually watch a whole lot of it. I kept needing to go to the “bathroom”. But I clearly remember how afraid I was and how even in the comfort of the orange-tiled movie bathroom I couldn’t stop shaking.

This fear carried me through my childhood. At some point there was a movie my dad watched on TV, no idea what it was, that had monsters pulling women through heater and sewer grates. To this day, I will not walk over a large sewer grate. My husband finds it odd that I will not watch any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacres or Friday the 13ths. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

When I was a teen, I made the sad, sad mistake of watching Nightmare on Elm Street due to peer pressure. Yes, I know they are corny, but I had nightmares for weeks about razor hands slashing through my stomach. Even now as an adult, I absolutely refuse to watch any of the newer stuff like Paranormal Activity or The Grudge.

But the movie I was suckered into watching that scared me the most is a classic that all writers must see, and it teaches us to never get too into seclusion. Maybe it is the reason the writing industry has come out of the attic?

Now I will have nightmares, but at least you all know what a big chicken I am.

Peace, love and God’s will.

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21 thoughts on “I’m a Chicken

  1. I remember a movie where a monster pulled women through heater and sewer grates. I don’t know what it was, but it scared the wewepopocaca out of me, too. And The Grudge is the second scariest movie I’ve EVER seen, and I saw it in my 30s. Do Not Watch It.

    • Diane Graham

      Ha! Ha! Ha! “wewepopocaca”, huh? LOL Might be the same mysteriously scary movie we saw, Turtle.

  2. Girl, I’ve always been afraid to walk over the sidewalk gratings, and I never saw a horror movie – in fact, can’t recall any that I have seen. Now, I do read and enjoy Stephen King’s stories. And, I listened to The Shining driving into work and back. Disc 11 was the climax, and I pretty near had to pull off the road to listen to it. I will say this: if I ever go back for a second helping of Saving Private Ryan, I WILL spend the first 20 minutes in the ladies room.

    • Diane Graham

      I can read it just fine. Something about it being in motion by someone else’s doing gets me. Some people like being scared, but I am not one of them. Thanks for sharing, Silly Girl. :D

      • Ah, okay. I don’t like watching them either. Somewhat for the same reason, but also because I much prefer the images created by my imagination.

  3. Oh, Diane, you are not alone! I have other, deep seated reasons I still have trouble walking over storm drains and the like that I won’t get into here for the risk of turning this into a psychoanalysis session, but you are not the only horror avoider around! I am a sissy–even a couple of Frank Peretti’s books drove me to sleep with the light on after reading certain chapters.

    The celebration of fear has always been a big part of why I have such an aversion to Halloween. I don’t enjoy watching my children with that look of “Why!? I don’t like this, make it stop,” in their eyes that they get when they have to run the gauntlet of bloodied mannequins in people’s front yards just to mooch candy off them. OK, I’ll stop–I feel the mostly unrelated rant boiling up. :)

    If we ever watch a movie together, it can be fun and devoid of nightmarish images.

    • Diane Graham

      I’m with you on the movies thing. I want to be entertained and I find most horror movies are gratuitous, going two or thirty steps over the line. I also have a deep distaste of any movie that portrays children in an evil light. Thanks for sharing your fears. Romantic comedy instead? :P

  4. Ok, I love *creepy* movies. Silence of the Lambs. The Sixth Sense. Stuff like that. The kinds of movies that get into your head and muck around :P. BUT, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street–not creepy. Mindless gore and slasher flicks do NOT appeal to me. I saw Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 14 and had nightmares for a MONTH.

    And Becky, I agree with you. Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays, and it has nothing to do with the supposedly evil roots (that’s yet another rant). I simply HATE how people think putting out plastic severed body parts is spooky. Gross is not “scary.” It’s just gross.

    • Diane Graham

      We’ve had this discussion, Chicky. It’s the gruesome that annoys us. I loved The Sixth Sense but Silence of the Lambs was too much for me.

  5. It’s the psychological stuff I like best. Some of the best “horror” movies are only rate PG13. Like What Lies Beneath. And I’m interested in The Woman in Black for the same reason.

    • Diane Graham

      I like thrillers that keep you in the edge of your seat and make you think also. It’s the slasher/demon stuff that gets me most.

  6. I find anything on Lifetime strangely terrifying. Haven’t watched it in a long time but I used to call it the “I Killed My Sorry No Good Husband and Got Away With It” Network.

  7. i hate scary movies. once in a while, i’ll suck it up and watch something i would normally avoid; of course, this usually leads to sleeplessness and nightmares.
    i do, however, read a lot of stephen king, dean koontz, and other “horror” and “supernatural” authors. and i often find that even the books have the power to terrify me. i couldn’t turn the lights off for a week after reading pet semetary. (and to further his credit, i’m pretty sure stephn king’s IT is the reason i hate scary movies and why i have a severe aversion to clowns.)
    i will proudly say that i am a member of the chicken clan.

    • Diane Graham

      Ha! Welcome, my friend. We are a close knit community. Very feathery. :p

  8. Caprice Hokstad

    Never seen The Shining. Never seen Silence of the Lambs. Not really interested. It’s not that I think horror is wrong/evil/bad. To me, it’s just NOT ENTERTAINING.

    I was scared by some horror flicks I saw when I was little. I don’t know the name of them. It was a Saturday matinee double feature. One of them was about a hideous baby-monster. Poor production quality. Probably a stupid story too. If I described it, it would sound funny, but I didn’t find it funny at the time.

    My first real “date”, if you could call it that, was to be dragged into Poltergeist. I only went along because I liked the guy and I could pretend to hide my face in his shoulder at the “scary” parts. Truthfully, I wasn’t really THAT scared. The next time we were supposed to go out, to do something fun I actually wanted to do (the beach), the guy stood me up. Jerk.

    I was tricked into watching M. Night. Shyamalan’s “Signs”. From the trailers, I thought it was going to be sci-fi, like War of the Worlds or Close encounters of the Third Kind. Nope. Bait and switch. I was not scared. I was MAD. Thank goodness it was rented and I didn’t waste a lot of money on it. I will never trust M. Night ever again.

    I fell for the sci-fi bait and switch AGAIN with “Knowing”. Didn’t like Knowing much better than Signs, but felt a little less cheated. The marketing for it wasn’t nearly as deceptive. I did actually watch to the end. Mistake. I think I got that rental for free when I worked at Blockbuster, so I can’t complain too much. Just wasted time on my part.

    The “Alien” movies at least were not bait and switch. I knew what I was getting myself into when I finally watched one of those, which was YEARS after it was in theaters. I watched it when it hit broadcast TV. I figured they’d clean it up for television. Guess what? They don’t do that anymore. If that was the cleaned-up version, I am glad I didn’t see the uncut movie. I was a bit disappointed, actually.

    Horror doesn’t really give me nightmares as much as give me confusion. I do not understand the appeal of being scared or grossed out. CSI grosses me out sometimes, but I could set that aside to enjoy the other aspects. I cannot fathom why people go to a movie specifically to see such things. But then again, I don’t understand why people like vampires, sparkly, Buffy, or otherwise.

    I really WANT to understand why people like things I don’t, but I confess… I Just. Don’t. Get. It.

  9. mibillie2

    My Dearest Youngest Daughter,

    Once again you are your mothers daughter. I can’t stand to see anything gorey. I love movies like The sixth sense. I still have to cover my eyes on the gore parts. Your father on the other hand likes gore, the gorier the better. Don’t know why but I guess that is one of the things that makes us gel. (Viva la differance!)

    • Diane Graham

      Hehe…this isn’t my only chicken-trait but we will save the others for another time. To each their own. :D

  10. P.A.Baines

    I don’tt do gore simply because I don’t want that stuff inside my head. I prefer suspense through clever story-telling, pacing, music and camera angles. One of the best examples of this was a short Australian film I saw on a kid’s TV show. It was genuinely creepy even though, on analysis, there was nothing overtly “scary” about it. It was just a bunch of kids telling stories around a camp fire, trying to frighten the younger kids. Personally, I think that if a film-maker has to resort to gore to make you scared, then they’re not very good at what they do.

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